Hello everyone, this is Nee WeeMon.

Born to a Vietnamese father and a mixed Portugese and Arabic mother, my parents migrated to Singapore in their 20s and became citizens here. I am a first generation Singaporean citizen, even though I may not look typically Singaporean due to my fixed parental heritage.Nee Wee Mon

I have been a big fan of everything to do with Singapore. As a result of this, I have started this blog NWMGTR to try to spread my love and living experiences in Singapore with my readers – you!

I am currently a software engineer at JP Morgan in Singapore, and have been living a great life in our country.

Feel free to contact me at contactus@nwmgtr.org if you have any questions you may want to pose to me about an expatriate life in Singapore, or if you have any advertising or collaboration enquiries.

Please keep in mind I will not be able to answer any enquiries about joining JP Morgan branch of SG, I will only be able to entertain questions with regards to my blog.

Why the GTR?

As you can possibly already tell from the name of my blog, it is a big dream of mine to be able to buy multiple GTRs and drive them around. While I have no ambition to be a race car driver, I definitely love to own multiple GTRs. While Singapore’s roads may be short, it is still lots of fun. I currently am close to getting my 2nd GTR, as I have sold my first one a few years back.GTR