SgInstaBabes Patreon Page By Lai WK – Singapore Influencer Girls

If you are a Singaporean guy who likes hot SG girls, you probably have heard of this incident which happened in 2018 in Singapore.

Till date, I do not get the fuss about it, I believe it is willing seller willing buyer. It is like how some guys feel lonely or whatever and look for escorts, and in this case some form of sugar baby! Yet Singaporeans love to judge these people. I guess such news are probably just juicy and fun to talk with their friends about over lunch or dinner. I admit I am talking about it now on my site too because people love reading about such stuff! Anyways, let us begin.

The gist of this Singapore based scandal

Basically, back in 2015, Lai Wee Kiat, the founder of the website or rather, Instagram page started working with local young girls to post sexy or hot photographs and it started gaining a lot of traction, gaining over 100,000 followers at its peak. For perspective, most influencers in Singapore have fewer followers than that.

The success of the Instagram page spurred them to create a bold Patreon campaign, so that contributors will be able to gain access to photographs of the SG girls, and at the highest two tiers, you would have been able to get access to meet the women, or rather, girls themselves.

If you want a video summary of the campaign, watch the following video by a Singapore based YouTuber who also made a parody video of this entire episode, since the original video by the company was already deleted.

Influencer women photographs were being sold and companionship sold – no big deal except some underlying scandals with the founder caused a big hoo hah!

That would have sounded pretty normal in a Western country, and no one would bat a single eyelid. However, Singapore is pretty well known to have a unique combination of a kaypoh and conservative culture, and that started people talking about it in online circles.

However, even this still sounds pretty mundane… until people apparently found out that he was extremely flirtatious with heavily underaged girls. And before that news was put to rest, NSFW photographs of him and his ex was leaked, pulling even more media attention to him and the entire saga at this time!

In fact an entire wiki page was created because of this! I find that quite hilarious actually.

In my opinion, it was a big fuss over nothing, and its only downfall was caused by internal conflicts and potentially dubious actions by Mr Lai Wee Kiat if the allegations against him were indeed true. In fact, many of my expatriate friends and I always found some parts of Singapore’s society a bit odd and definitely kaypoh! Or perhaps that is a side effect of me being a first generation Singaporean and my parents have pretty mixed foreign heritage, culture and beliefs. But nonetheless, checking out their website today shows it completely deleted and empty as seen below.

SgInstaBabes website looks to be down

So I guess, gentlemen, sorry but if you want to subscribe, it is no longer available, but perhaps if you really still want to meet SG girls albeit in a far more discreet manner, then you could consider meeting registered escorts instead. Safer for your privacy and mental well being than being pulled into a YouTuber or influencer next saga and disrupt your own reputation and privacy!

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